Bock Drum reconditions 55 gallon steel tight head drums to UN1A1/Y1.2/100 specifications

We also offer reconditioned UN1A2 open head drums and reconditioned non-hazmat open head steel and tight head poly drums.

Reconditioned 55 Gallon Steel Tight Head Drums UN1A1/Y1.2/100

Open head drums – Call for price 757-855-0549

Steel 55 gallon Shell – Rolled edge, no lid $30.00 each

These drums have been washed. Use for trash cans or make into a burn barrel.

Reconditioned 55 Gallon Poly Tight Head (White or Blue) $30.00 each

These drums have been through a chemical cleaning process. They should not be used for rain barrels, animal food, dog houses etc. We recommend our used food grade barrels for those purposes.

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